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[SPECIAL ISSUE] Normal-stress Semiconductor Sensor Using a Combined Square-shaped van der Pauw Structure

Chun-Hyung Cho; Jonghoek Kim; Hyuk-Kee Sung

[SPECIAL ISSUE] Filter-free AlGaN Photodiode with High Quantum Efficiency for Partial Discharge Detection

Thu Thi Thuy Pham; June-Heang Choi; Chun-Hyung Cho; Ho-Young Cha

[SPECIAL ISSUE] Investigation of Modified 1T DRAM with Twin Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistor for Improved Retention Characteristics

Dong Chang Han; Deok Jin Jang; Jae Yoon Lee; Seongjae Cho; Il Hwan Cho

[SPECIAL ISSUE] Charge Migration Analysis of 3D SONOS NAND Flash Memory Using Test Pattern

Jun-Kyo Jeong; Jae-Young Sung; Hee-Hoon Yang; Hi-Deok Lee; Ga-Won Lee

[SPECIAL ISSUE] Study on the Nonlinear Output Characteristic of Tunnel Field-effect Transistor

Jang Hyun Kim; Sangwan Kim

[SPECIAL ISSUE] Mobility Improvement of Amorphous Indium-gallium-zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistor by Roll-to-roll Compatible Plasma Treatment

Byung-Jun Jeong; Jun-Kyo Jeong; Yu-Min Song; Hi-Deok Lee; Ho-Suk Choi; Ga-Won Lee

[REGULAR PAPER] Design Method for Active-shunt-feedback Type Inductorless Low-noise Amplifiers in 65-nm CMOS

Toshiyuki Inoue; Akira Tsuchiya; Keiji Kishine

[REGULAR PAPER] Development of Low-power Low-noise CMOS LNA for 24-GHz Automotive Radar

Murod Kurbanov; Jee-Youl Ryu