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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Filter-free AlGaN Photodiode with High Quantum Efficiency for Partial Discharge Detection
Authors Thu Thi Thuy Pham; June-Heang Choi; Chun-Hyung Cho; Ho-Young Cha
Page pp.141-144
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords AlGaN; filter-free; photodiode; ultraviolet detection
Abstract In this study, we developed filter-free AlGaN based PIN photodiodes for partial discharge detection that can detect ultraviolet emission with a wavelength between 230 nm and 270 nm. The PIN epitaxial structure consisted of a p-Al0.6­Ga0.4­N/i-Al0.46Ga0.54N/n-Al0.6Ga0.4­N heterostructure with p-GaN/p-AlGaN grading layers on top for improved ohmic contact formation. The fabricated photodiode exhibited highly selective photoresponse characteri-stics from 230 nm to 270 nm without an external filter. A peak photoresponsivity of 125 mA/W and quantum efficiency of 60% were achieved at 245 nm for a photodiode with a window diameter of 250 μm under zero bias condition where the dark current was only 1.3 × 10?8 A/cm2. The proposed AlGaN PIN photodiode has the advantages of zero standby power and no need for an external filter.