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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Investigation of Modified 1T DRAM with Twin Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistor for Improved Retention Characteristics
Authors Dong Chang Han; Deok Jin Jang; Jae Yoon Lee; Seongjae Cho; Il Hwan Cho
Page pp.145-150
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords 1T DRAM; tunnel FET (TFET); localized partial insulator (LPI); reliability
Abstract This paper proposes a one transistor dynamic random access memory (1T DRAM) with localized partial insulator (LPI) to increase data retention time. Proposed 1T DRAM cell is based on twin gate tunneling field effect transistor (TGTFET) and has improved retention characteristics with LPI. The LPI inhibit stored carrier movement with high energy barrier. Key process sequence is suggested and device optimizations with parameter variation are also investigated with device simulation. As the barrier length increases, retention characteristics can be improved but also it causes a decrease in the read 1 current. An increase in LPI length within the appropriate range is required in the proposed 1T DRAM.