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[SPECIAL ISSUE] A Sub-threshold based 747 nW Resistor-less Low-dropout Regulator for IoT Application

Fatemeh Abbassi(Fatemeh Abbassi) ; SungJin Kim(SungJin Kim) ; Abdolhamid Noori(Abdolhamid Noori) ; Ji-Hyeon Cheon(Ji-Hyeon Cheon) ; Truong Van Cong Thuong(Truong Van Cong Thuong) ; Truong Thi Kim Nga(Truong Thi Kim Nga) ; Kang-Yoon Lee(Kang-Yoon Lee)

[REGULAR PAPER]Area-efficient Radix-32 FFT Processor for Hand Gesture Recognition Radar

Yongchul Jung(Yongchul Jung) ; Jaechan Cho(Jaechan Cho) ; Seongjoo Lee(Seongjoo Lee) ; Yunho Jung(Yunho Jung)

[REGULAR PAPER]A Fast Transient and Low Power Capacitor-less Low-dropout Regulator using Advanced Dynamic Biasing Method

Jae-Hoon Jung(Jae-Hoon Jung) ; Jae-Hyung Jung(Jae-Hyung Jung) ; Young-Ho Jung(Young-Ho Jung) ; Hoe-Eung Jeong(Hoe-Eung Jeong) ; Seong-Kwan Hong(Seong-Kwan Hong) ; Oh-Kyong Kwon(Oh-Kyong Kwon)

[REGULAR PAPER]Secure Integrated Circuit with Physical Attack Detection based on Reconfigurable Top Metal Shield

Yeongjin Mun(Yeongjin Mun) ; Hyungseup Kim(Hyungseup Kim) ; Byeoncheol Lee(Byeoncheol Lee) ; Kwonsang Han(Kwonsang Han) ; Jaesung Kim(Jaesung Kim) ; Ji-Hoon Kim(Ji-Hoon Kim) ; Byong-Deok Choi(Byong-Deok Choi) ; Dong Kyue Kim(Dong Kyue Kim) ; Hyoungho Ko(Hyoungho Ko)

[REGULAR PAPER]A Current-mode Logic Driver with Two-tap Pre-emphasis using Reconfigurable Capacitive Peaking for -12.3 dB Insertion Loss

Yun-Sik Choi(Yun-Sik Choi) ; Yohan Hong(Yohan Hong) ; Woojoo Lee(Woojoo Lee)

[REGULAR PAPER]FPGA-Based Binary Labeling Signal Transmission System

Toshiyuki Inoue(Toshiyuki Inoue) ; Kohei Nomura(Kohei Nomura) ; Ryosuke Noguchi(Ryosuke Noguchi) ; Natsuyuki Koda(Natsuyuki Koda) ; Akira Tsuchiya(Akira Tsuchiya) ; Keiji Kishine(Keiji Kishine)

[REGULAR PAPER]Characterizations of Blended PVDF/P(VDF-TrFE) Films for Ferroelectric Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Kyung-Eun Park(Kyung-Eun Park) ; Min Gee kim(Min Gee kim) ; Byung-Eun Park(Byung-Eun Park)

[REGULAR PAPER]A Dual-loop Phase Locked Loop with Frequency to Voltage Converter

Xuefan Jin(Xuefan Jin) ; Kee-Won Kwon(Kee-Won Kwon) ; Young-Shig Choi(Young-Shig Choi) ; Jung-Hoon Chun(Jung-Hoon Chun)

[LETTER] SCR-based ESD Protection Circuit with Low Trigger Voltage and High Robustness by Inserting the NMOS Structure

Byung-Seok Lee(Byung-Seok Lee) ; Yong-Seo Koo(Yong-Seo Koo)

[LETTER] Improving Ring-oscillator-based True Random Number Generators using Multiple Sampling

Piljoo Choi(Piljoo Choi) ; Ji-Hoon Kim(Ji-Hoon Kim) ; Dong Kyue Kim(Dong Kyue Kim)