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Effect of Work-function Variation on Transfer Characteristics and Memory Performances for Gate-all-around JLFET based Capacitorless DRAM

(Sang Ho Lee) ; (Young Jun Yoon) ; (Jae Hwa Seo) ; (Min Su Cho) ; (Jin Park) ; (Hee Dae An) ; (So Ra Min) ; (Geon Uk Kim) ; (In Man Kang)

Design and Analysis of DC/DC Boost Converter using Vertical GaN Power Device based on Epitaxially Grown GaN-on-sapphire

(Min Su Cho) ; (Sang Ho Lee) ; (Hee Dae An) ; (Jin Park) ; (So Ra Min) ; (Geon Uk Kim) ; (Young Jun Yoon) ; (Jae Hwa Seo) ; (In Man Kang)

Electrical Performances of GaN-based Vertical Trench MOSFETs with Cylindrical and Hexagonal Structure

(Geon Uk Kim) ; (Young Jun Yoon) ; (Jae Hwa Seo) ; (Min Su Cho) ; (Sang Ho Lee) ; (Jin Park) ; (Hee Dae An) ; (So Ra Min) ; (In Man Kang)

A 32.2 GHz Full Adder Designed with TLE Method in a InP DHBT Technology

(Yi Zhang) ; (Xiaopeng Li) ; (Youtao Zhang) ; (Yufeng Guo) ; (Ying Zhang) ; (Hao Gao)

A 70 dB SNDR 10 MS/s 28 nm CMOS Nyquist SAR ADC with Capacitor Mismatch Calibration Reusing Segmented Reference Voltages

(Ho-Jin Kim) ; (Jun-Ho Boo) ; (Jae-Hyuk Lee) ; (Jun-Sang Park) ; (Tai-Ji An) ; (Sung-Han Do) ; (Young-Jae Cho) ; (Michael Choi) ; (Gil-Cho Ahn) ; (Seung-Hoon Lee)