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Title Sensitivity-controllable P-N Diode Temperature Sensor with High-sensitivity
Authors (Chun-Hyung Cho) ; (Hyuntai Kim)
Page pp.373-380
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Temperature sensor; diode sensor; Temperature sensitivity; diode voltage; diode current
Abstract A high-sensitive diode temperature sensor using a simple circuit combining a diode and a resistor is proposed. First, a diode voltage-temperature relationship is derived for the temperature change, which is verified through analytical simulations and experimental measurements. In order to enhance the temperature sensitivity, we propose a novel approach that uses the ratio of the resistor voltage to the diode voltage (VR/VD) is employed. We also derive the temperature sensitivity expression of our model as a function of VS (power supply voltage) and VD0 (reference diode voltage measured at 25 oC). It is observed that the temperature sensitivity can be controlled by adjusting Vs. For Vs = 5.0 V, R = 100 Ω, and VD0 = 0.761 V, the temperature sensitivity shows a significant increase by 8.7 times compared to the typical temperature characteristics of the diode over temperatures ranging from -25 oC to 75 oC.