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Title [REGULAR PAPER]FPGA-Based Binary Labeling Signal Transmission System
Authors Toshiyuki Inoue(Toshiyuki Inoue) ; Kohei Nomura(Kohei Nomura) ; Ryosuke Noguchi(Ryosuke Noguchi) ; Natsuyuki Koda(Natsuyuki Koda) ; Akira Tsuchiya(Akira Tsuchiya) ; Keiji Kishine(Keiji Kishine)
Page pp.276-286
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Optical fiber communication ; transceiver circuit ; PLL ; FPGA ; labeling
Abstract We implemented and evaluated our newly developed binary labeling signal transmission system using field-programmable gate arrays. In this system, the state of "0" or "1" of labeling signals is related to modulation or non-modulation of frame signals, and the labeling signals can be multiplexed to frame signals and transmitted without changing the configuration of the original frame signal. We designed a modulation-system protocol for implementing the above system and propose a digital smoothing technique for stabilizing a phase-locked loop circuit. We verified that our digital smoothing technique prevents bit error of the modulated frame signals in the implemented transmitter. The labeling signal multiplexed to the frame signals is demodulated without bit error in the implemented transceiver.