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Title [REGULAR PAPER] Development of Low-power Low-noise CMOS LNA for 24-GHz Automotive Radar
Authors Murod Kurbanov; Jee-Youl Ryu
Page pp.187-194
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords 24-GHz; lower-power; RF CMOS; LNA (low noise amplifier); automotive collision avoidance radar
Abstract This paper presents low-power low-noise 24-GHz CMOS LNA (low noise amplifier) for automotive collision avoidance radar. The proposed circuit is fabricated using 65 nm RF CMOS technology, and it is powered by 1.2 V supply. To increase voltage gain and decrease power consumption, this circuit has cascode scheme, and it is optimized to decrease noise figure. Cascode inductive source degeneration technique is also utilized to match the circuit to source impedance. The proposed LNA showed the lowest power consumption of 4.59 mW and the lowest noise figure of 2.98 dB with high voltage gain of 24.3 dB as compared to recently published results. It also showed the smallest chip area of 0.6×0.6 mm2, and the size of the core cell of 0.31×0.35 mm2 without pads as compared to recently reported results. We expect that the proposed LNA is suitable for GHz-band automotive collision avoidance radar.