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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Charge Migration Analysis of 3D SONOS NAND Flash Memory Using Test Pattern
Authors Jun-Kyo Jeong; Jae-Young Sung; Hee-Hoon Yang; Hi-Deok Lee; Ga-Won Lee
Page pp.151-157
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords NAND flash memory; charge migration; reliability; retention; test pattern; activation energy
Abstract In this study, new test patterns to evaluate the charge migration in 3D SONOS NAND flash memory are suggested. The charge migration in Si3N4, the charge trapping layer of SONOS is an important factor affecting the performance of the memory. To analyze the charge migration based on the proposed test pattern, the device was fabricated with a capacitor structure, and the charge loss and retention properties were measured by capacitance-voltage analysis. The charge loss due to lateral migration and vertical migration can be separately calculated using the test pattern. In addition, the activation energy was extracted to identify the cause of charge migration. This study is expected to contribute to the reliability problem of charge migration of 3D NADN Flash memory.