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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Normal-stress Semiconductor Sensor Using a Combined Square-shaped van der Pauw Structure
Authors Chun-Hyung Cho; Jonghoek Kim; Hyuk-Kee Sung
Page pp.135-140
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Semiconductor sensor; van der Pauw; stress-sensor; pressure-senor; normal-stress
Abstract A combined square-shaped van der Pauw (VDP) sensor is proposed for calculation of the difference of the in-plane normal-stresses in this work. In previous works, two separate measurements were required, which is so inconvenient and tricky, because the different pair of point-contacts were used for 0 and/or 90 degree oriented resistance measurement. This work analytically presented how to resolve these problems by using a combined VDP configuration and compared the in-plane normal-stresses differential sensitivities for the different silicon planes and the coordinate systems (un-primed or primed). Furthermore, we offered another approach using the voltage difference, in which the sensitivity was observed to be linearly proportional to the unstressed value of voltage (= I x R).