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Title Efficient Partially-parallel NTT Processor for Lattice-based Post-quantum Cryptography
Authors (Soyeon Choi) ; (Yerin Shin) ; (Kiho Lim) ; (Hoyoung Yoo)
Page pp.459-474
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Lattice-based cryptography; number theoretic transform; polynomial multiplier; post-quantum crypto-processer
Abstract This paper presents a partially-parallel number theoretic transform (NTT) processor design for polynomial multipliers, which is a key component of a lattice-based cryptography. Since the data flow of NTT is similar to that of FFT, studies have been conducted to apply the FFT structure to fit the NTT structure. However, the previous architectures suffer from high hardware complexity and low throughput. Thus, we propose a new partially-parallel design that models the data reordering process and derives a generalized data reordering circuit. The proposed partially parallel design solved the problem of the previous architectures. Moreover, it provides imp-roved performance through efficient data reordering. Synthesis results shows that the proposed 8-parallel 512-point NTT processor achieves 15% to 76% improvements in terms of hardware efficiency compared to the previous architectures. As a result, the proposed NTT processor is a good solution in a more diversified lattice-based crypto-processor with constrained usage conditions.