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Title Effects of Pillar Conditions on DC/AC Characteristics of Tunnel Field-effect Transistor with Vertical Structures
Authors (Junsu Yu) ; (Byung-Gook Park) ; (Dae Woong Kwon)
Page pp.241-246
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords TFET; vertical structure TFET; AC switching characteristics of TFET
Abstract To investigate the effects of various pillar conditions such as pillar thickness (Tpillar), pillar height (TSi), and doping concentration of pillar on DC characteristics of TFETs with vertical structures (TFETVS) and AC switching characteristics of TFETVS inverters, Mixed-mode device and circuit TCAD simulations are performed. As 1) the Tpillar is thicker, 2) the TSi is increased, and 3) the doping concentration of the pillar is reduced, the tunneling current between source and channel gets increased and the gate-to-drain capacitance (CGD)-gate voltage (VG) curve becomes positive-shifted due to the weaker controllability of VG on the drain-side channel. Through the transient responses of TFETVS inverters with various pillar conditions, it is revealed that AC switching performance can be improved by the enhanced tunneling current and the positive-shifted CGD-VG curve caused by the weaker VG controllability on the drain-side channel.