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Title 6.5 kV SiC Power Devices with Improved Blocking Characteristics against Process Deviations
Authors (Junki Jung) ; (Ogyun Seok) ; (In Ho Kang) ; (Hyoung Woo Kim) ; (Wook Bahng) ; (Ho-Jun Lee)
Page pp.119-125
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords SiC; power device; Edge termination; JTE; FGR
Abstract Edge termination structures that are insensitive to process deviations were investigated to obtain 6.5 kV SiC power devices with stable blocking characteristics. Edge terminations were designed and verified by a TCAD simulation in consideration of undesirable surface charge states and variation of the implantation window in the termination region. A constant-space floating guard ring (CS-FGR) was sensitive to the variation of the implantation window. A gradually increasing space (GIS) FGR was less sensitive to process deviations than the CS-FGR. We concluded that the GIS-FGR is sufficiently stable for use in high-voltage SiC devices at surface charge densities (Qsurf/q) of 0 to ?1 × 1012 cm?2 and implantation window variations of ?0.3 to +0.3 μm. The optimized GIS-FGR exhibited a high breakdown voltage of over 8 kV at all the Qsurf/q values and in the implantation window variation range considered in this paper.