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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] A MIPI Receiver Bridge Chip Supporting 5-Gb/s/lane D-PHY and 3-Gsymbol/s/lane C-PHY
Authors Seokwon Choi;Pil-Ho Lee;Jin-Wook Han;Sang-Dong Kim;Young-Chan Jang
Page pp.29-40
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Receiver bridge chip; MIPI; D-PHY; C-PHY; deserializer; equalizer; clock recovery
Abstract A receiver bridge chip, which supports both the D-PHY version 2.0 and the C-PHY version 1.1 specifications of the mobile industry processor interface (MIPI), is proposed to be used in a field-programmable gate array (FGPA)-based frame grabber supporting the MIPI camera industry serial interface-2. The MIPI D-PHY receiver consists of four data lanes and one clock lane. Each data lane consists of a high-speed receiver with equalizer and a 1-to-8 deserializer including a byte detector for the parallel interface with the FPGA, and supports a data rate of 5 Gb/s/lane. The MIPI C-PHY receiver consists of three lanes. Each lane includes a current mirror amplifier-based high-speed receiver, a clock recovery with deglitch circuit, a 3-to-21 deserializer, and a 21-to-16 demapper, and supports a data rate of 3 Gsymbol/s/lane. The proposed receiver bridge chip supporting the MIPI D-PHY and C-PHY is implemented as a single chip using a 0.11-μm CMOS process with 1.2-V supply. The area of the single chip is 3.15 mm × 3.15 mm. The power consumption of the MIPI D-PHY and C-PHY is 157.5 mW and 265.8 mW, respectively.