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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Effect of Bottom Electrode Size on Ovonic Threshold Switch(OTS) Characteristics
Authors Byung-Kwon An;Seong-Beom Kim;Yun-Heub Song
Page pp.8-11
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Ovonic threshold switch; OTS; phase change random access memory; PRAM; different electrode bottom size; switch characteristics
Abstract In this paper, Effect of bottom electrode size on Ovonic Threshold Switch(OTS) characteristics has been investigated in W/SiTe/W selector device. We fabricated SiTe Ovonic Threshold Switch(OTS) with different bottom electrode contact totally 18 sizes (34 nm - 1921 nm) and studied the differences in the bottom electrode size I-V characteristics. Ovonic Threshold Switch(OTS) device showed on/off ratio (> ) and the difference in value between 218 nm and 1414 nm size.