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Authors Jincan Zhang; Bo Liu; Min Liu; Liwen Zhang; Jinchan Wang; Hao Jin
Page pp.357-363
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Power amplifier ; GaAs HBT ; high output power ; broadband ;
Abstract A fully integrated Watt-level broadband power amplifier for 6.0~7.1 GHz applications in a 2-μm GaAs HBT technology is presented in this paper. The power amplifier is implemented using paralleled sixteen transistors as main amplifier, to obtain high output power. In order to increase the bandwidth of the PA, two L-networks are adopted as the output matching network, and T-type matching network is used as input matching network. The broadband power amplifier has a small-signal gain of > 12 dB at 6.6 GHz, and saturation output power of 29.5~31.4 dBm (0.89~1.38 W) at 6.0~7.1 GHz with a maximum power added efficiency of 41.6% at 6.5 GHz. The power amplifier occupies 1.26 mm2 (including pads).