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Authors E. Suhendi; L. Hasanah; F. A. Noor; N. Kurniasih; KHAIRURRIJAL
Page pp.336-346
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Armchair graphene nanoribbon ; tunnel field-effect transistor ; tunneling current ; transfer matrix method ; dirac-like equation ;
Abstract Characteristics of an armchair graphene nanoribbon tunnel field effect transistor (AGNR-TFET) were modeled quantum mechanically. The transport equation in the AGNR-TFET was solved by using the Dirac-like equation. The potential profile in the AGNR-TFET was determined by solving the Dirac-like equation and the self-consistent Poisson equation. The transfer matrix method (TMM), as a numerical approach, and the Landauer formula were used to calculate the electron transmittance and the tunneling current respectively. The threshold voltage of the device was around 0.01 V. The effect of the AGNR-TFET’s geometry, i.e. width and length of AGNR and oxide thickness, on the tunneling current and the subthreshold swing was also analyzed. It was found that the tunneling current increased with an increase of the width of the AGNR and the oxide thickness while increasing the length of the AGNR made the tunneling current decrease. According to the simulation results, the subthreshold swing of the device can achieve 5 mV/dec. Moreover, the AGNR-TFET geometry affects the subthreshold swing of the device.