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Title Analysis of Cell Current with Abnormal Channel Profile in 3D NAND Flash Memory
Authors (Jaewoo Lee);(Yungjun Kim);(Yoocheol Shin);(Seongjo Park);(Daewoong Kang);(Myounggon Kang)
Page pp.138-143
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords 3D NAND flash memory; channel profile; electric field; cell current; threshold voltage
Abstract This letter presents an in-depth investigation of the channel profile and cell current analysis of abnormal vertical 3D NAND flash memory. By utilizing 3D (technology computer-aided design) TCAD simulation, the channel profile was designed with an oxide-nitride-oxide (O/N/O) structure, providing insights into its impact on device performance. The ID-VDS curve was measured after setting the Vth target in the program state, enabling the analysis of the cell current. Additionally, the E-field of the tunneling oxide was considered to gain a comprehensive understanding of the device behavior. Based on the analysis results, the structure most vulnerable to cell current in vertical 3D NAND flash memory has been identified.