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Title A CMOS Low-pass Filter With Group Delay Cancellation using Non-Foster Element Circuits
Authors (Quang-Huy Do);(Tan-Binh Ngo);(Sang-Woong Yoon)
Page pp.105-110
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Low-pass filter; negative capacitance; negative group delay; negative inductance; non-Foster resonator
Abstract We presented a CMOS lumped-element (LE) low-pass filter (LPF) with a group delay (GD) cancellation technique that uses parallel resonators comprising negative inductance and negative capacitance circuits. An inherent positive GD from the LEs of the LPF is canceled by a negative GD from the resonator. The LPF was implemented in the Global Foundry 8SF 130-nm RF CMOS Integrated Circuit (IC) technology. The core chip size was 1135 μm ? 474 μm. The maximum passband frequency of the LPF was measured to be 1.5 GHz with a return loss of more than 10 dB, in-band loss of 0.8?2.4 dB, and out-of-band roll-off rate of 41.5 dB/GHz. The GDs at frequencies below 1 GHz were 0.31?0.33 ns and decreased to zero at 1.51 GHz. The noise figures were around 13.4?17.7 dB.