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Title Characterization of ZnO Thin-film Transistors with Various Active Layer Structures after Exposure to Different Proton Energies
Authors (Yu-Mi Kim);(Jun Kue Park);(Woon-San Ko);(Ki-Nam Kim);(Ga-Won Lee)
Page pp.63-68
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Radiation effect test; proton irradiation; ZnO TFTs; ZnO nanorods
Abstract In this study, we investigated the electrical and physical characteristics of ZnO TFTs with various active layer structures after exposure to different proton energies. The proton energies were 1 and 50 MeV at a fixed fluence of 1 × 1014 p/cm2. The electrical performance of the ZnO TFTs degraded after exposure to the 50 MeV proton irradiation, whereas it showed improved characteristics after the 1 MeV proton irradiation. Additionally, the performance of 1 MeV irradiated ZnO nanorods was considerably improved compared to that of the ZnO film, and an anomalous hump phenomenon disappeared. Our analysis confirmed an increase in Vo defects in the ZnO channel layer, and that low energy incident protons play a role in enhancing the conductivity of ZnO-based thin films. This suggests that ZnO TFTs with nanostructured morphology are more sensitive to proton irradiation than the ZnO film.