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Title A Compact 6-bit Phase Shifter in 65 nm RF CMOS Technology for ISM Band
Authors (Tan-Binh Ngo) ; (Quang-Huy Do) ; (Sang-Woong Yoon)
Page pp.198-203
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords CMOS; phased-array system; phase shifter; switched-network type
Abstract We presented a 6-bit switched-network type phase shifter, which was implemented in Samsung 65nm RF CMOS technology. The phase shifter was designed with lumped-element filter topologies using inductors and capacitors for compact size. For 64 states, in the frequency of 2.12 GHz - 2.51 GHz, measured insertion loss was -9.7±1.5 dB. The input and output return loss were above 8.2 dB and 10 dB, respectively. The rms phase error and rms amplitude error were less than 3° and 0.87 dB, respectively. The chip size with including pads was 1.4 × 0.81 mm2.