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Title A Quadrature Error Corrector for Aperiodic, Quarterrate Data Strobe Signals in HBM3 Interfaces
Authors (Seo-Yeong Jo) ; (Jinhyung Lee) ; (Myeong-Jae Park) ; (Deog-Kyoon Jeong) ; (Jaeha Kim)
Page pp.177-187
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Quadrature error corrector; phase mismatches; data strobe; HBM3
Abstract This paper proposes a quadrature error corrector (QEC) for the aperiodic, quarter-rate data strobe (DQS) signals in the high bandwidth memory generation 3 (HBM3) interfaces. Unlike the existing approaches, which are applicable to periodic clock signals only, the proposed QEC can adjust the phase spacings among four aperiodic, quarter-rate DQS signals to be equal to 1/4 of the operating clock period.
Its pulse-width detector measures each phase spacing by charging a capacitor with a fixed current during the difference period and comparing its voltage against the voltage of a four-times larger capacitor charged for the whole clock period. The post-layout simulation results of a prototype QEC designed in a 40-nm CMOS process show that the QEC can correct the phase errors ranging -43.2~43.2° with errors less than 5.01° for both seamless and burst modes. The QEC consumes the maximum power of 2.42mW when operating at 1.6-GHz and 1.1-V supply, and occupies the active area of 0.01 mm2.