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Title A Non-binary C-R Hybrid DAC for 12 b 100 MS/s CMOS SAR ADCs with Fast Residue Settling
Authors (Jae-Geun Lim) ; (Je-Min Jeon) ; (Jun-Ho Boo) ; (Yoon-Bin Im) ; (Jae-Hyuk Lee) ; (Sung-Han Do) ; (Young-Jae Cho) ; (Michael Choi) ; (Gil-Cho Ahn) ; (Seung-Hoon Lee)
Page pp.255-262
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Analog-to-digital converter (ADC); non-binary weighted capacitor array; successive approximation register (SAR); asynchronous; low power comparator
Abstract This work proposes two versions of a 12 b 100 MS/s successive-approximation register (SAR) ADC based on a non-binary C-R hybrid DAC. The proposed DAC applies a non-binary weighted capacitor array to the 7 MSBs to meet the settling requirement of the DAC output and determines the remaining 5 LSBs using the reference voltages generated from a simple resistor string to reduce the DAC area significantly. The Version 1 ADC in a 28 nm CMOS adopts a synchronous SAR logic and a comparator with a tail capacitor and a reset switch to minimize power consumption. The Version 2 ADC in a 0.18 μm CMOS employs an asynchronous SAR logic with simple meta-stability correction logic to achieve high-speed operation. The Version 1 ADC which has an active die area of 0.042 mm2 shows a maximum signal-to-noise-and-distortion ratio (SNDR) and spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 62.3 and 77.3 dB, respectively, consuming 1.3 mW with a 1.0 V supply voltage. The Version 2 ADC is based on a similar analog circuit topology, showing a maximum SNDR and SFDR of 60.1 and 73.5 dB, respectively, with an active die area of 0.30 mm2, operating at a 1.8 V supply voltage.