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Title Analytical Heat Transfer Model for a TTSVs-based Thermal Mitigation Power Chip
Authors (Yongyong Wang) ; (Fashun Yang) ; (Kui Ma)
Page pp.175-182
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Through-silicon-via; thermal model; thermal-mechanical reliability; finite element analysis
Abstract The work develops an analytical thermal model for a thermal Through Silicon Vias based heat mitigation power chip whose thermal path is quite different compared to the literatures published. Thermal spreading angle and transverse heat transfer of thermal Through Silicon Vias as well as its thermal stress impact on carrier mobility in active areas have been considered. Traditional one-dimensional thermal model used in three-dimensional integrated circuits and finite element analysis result are used to verify the accuracy of the proposed model. Temperature rise for the proposed structure with respect to the filling-via radius, bulk Si thickness, Through Silicon Via liner thickness and bonding layer thickness are investigated. It can be found that the proposed thermal model is superior than one-dimensional model in contrast with the simulation result which indicates an improvement in the thermal management of thermal Through Silicon Vias based three-dimensional integrated circuits associated with thermal-mechanical reliability.