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Title Photoresponsivity Enhancement of AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction Phototransistor with ZnO Nanodot Coating Layer
Authors (Won-Ho Jang) ; (June-Heang Choi) ; (Chang-Yeol Han) ; (Heesun Yang) ; (Ho-Young Cha)
Page pp.80-83
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Phototransistor; gallium nitride; ultraviolet detectors; ZnO nanodot
Abstract The effects of a ZnO nanodot coating layer on the photoresponsivity characteristics of an AlGaN/GaN heterojunction phototransistor was investigated. The ZnO nanodot layer was introduced on the detection surface of the phototransistor using a simple spin-coating process. The ZnO nanodot layer not only reduced the dark current but also significantly increased the photoresponsivity. At the wavelength of 300 nm, the photoresponsivity increased from 1.02 × 106 to 1.76 × 106 A/W.