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Title A 62.6-pJ/Conversion Temperature Sensor with a Capacitor Voltage Division
Authors (Bumjin Park) ; (Youngwoo Ji) ; (Jae-Yoon Sim)
Page pp.73-79
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Temperature sensor; subthreshold; bandgap reference
Abstract This paper presents an ultra-low-power temperature sensor that detects the temperature with a leakage-based bandgap circuit and converts it with an asynchronous SAR ADC. The implemented temperature sensor consumes 487 pW at 20 ºC with an energy efficiency of 62.6 pJ/conversion. A 1-point and 2-point calibrations show peak-to-peak inaccuracies of -3.43/+2.77 ºC and -1.63/+1.63 ºC, respectively, in a temperature range of -30-to-100 ºC. The supply sensitivity is 0.61 ºC/V at 20 ºC.