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Title Low Frequency Noise Modeling and SPICE Implementation of Nanoscale MOSFETs
Authors (Jonghwan Lee)
Page pp.39-48
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Gate leakage current noise; drain current noise; nanoscale MOSFETs; ultrathin gate oxides; cross correlation effects; quantum-mechanical effects; BSIM
Abstract The physics-based compact gate and drain current noise models of nanoscale MOSFETs at low frequencies are presented. The models are primarily developed to be implemented in circuit simulators and are further applied to gain insight into the noise behavior of advanced MOSFETs. For a comprehensive evaluation of noise performance at low frequencies, the models describe all the important physical noise sources and effects which are observed in nanoscale MOSFETs with ultrathin gate oxides. The models account for the gate leakage current noise, the drain current noise, cross correlation effects between the gate and the drain, and quantum mechanical (QM) effects in the inversion layer. With the help of an accurate and generally applicable compact noise models, the compact noise models are successfully implemented into BSIM (Berkeley Short-channel IGFET Model) format and are validated through a comparison of simulation results and measurements.