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Title A Time-based Transceiver Front-end Circuit with 1-tap IIR DFE and Relaxed Termination for Short-reach PCB Interconnect
Authors (Min-Kyun Chae) ; (Seung-Jun Bae) ; (Jung-Hwan Choi) ; (Kwang-Il Park) ; (Jung-Bae Lee) ; (Hong-June Park)
Page pp.9-20
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Low power interface; short-reach interface; relaxed termination; time-based receiver; IIR DFE; IIR filter
Abstract A time-based low-power transceiver is proposed for short-reach PCB interconnect which connects two chips closely placed on a printed circuit board (PCB). This was achieved by reducing the I/O signaling power of transmitter (TX) with the increase of on-die termination (ODT) resistance. The short-reach PCB interconnect is approximated as a single-time-constant RC channel due to the large ODT resistance. The increase of inter-symbol interference (ISI) by the increased R-C time constant of channel was compensated by using a 1-tap infinite-impulse-response (IIR) decision-feedback equalizer (DFE) at receiver (RX). The RX circuit is composed of a cascaded connection of a voltage-to-time converter, an IIR DFE, a FIR DFE and a time comparator. The transceiver chip was implemented in 65 nm CMOS technology; in tests with a 1.6-mm micro-strip line channel the transceiver achieved maximum data-rate of 12 Gb/s at 0.8 V supply and minimum energy efficiency of 0.37 pJ/b at 8 Gb/s and 0.75 V supply.