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Title [LETTER] Channel Defect Analysis Method of a-IGZO TFTs on Polyimide for Flexible Displays
Authors (Hyojung Kim) ; (Bo-Hyeon Jeon) ; (Jong Woo Park) ; (June-Hwan Kim) ; (Soon-Kon Kim) ; (Min-Jun Song) ; (Pyung-Ho Choi) ; (Jung-Min Park) ; (Ki-Hwan Kim) ; (Jang-Kun Song) ; (Byoung-Deog Choi)
Page pp.474-478
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords a-IGZO TFT; channel defect; DOS; c-t; carrier lifetime
Abstract In this paper, we introduce a method enabling faster and more innovative analysis of the channel characteristics of amorphous indium-gallium-zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin film transistors (TFTs) manufactured on flexible substrates through electrical property analysis. The TFTs used in the present evaluation were a-IGZO TFTs with different oxygen flow rates (OFRs), which have been reported on frequently in the past, to confirm the effectiveness of the new evaluation method. The interface characteristics of the IGZO and the insulator were confirmed by density of state (DOS) extraction using photoexcited charge collection spectroscopy (PECCS). Defects of the TFT active layer were confirmed through the capacitance-time (c-t) method. It was confirmed that the smaller the OFR, the smaller the carrier lifetime due to the presence of oxygen vacancies. In conclusion, by obtaining the same results as previously reported physical analyses, the proposed electrical channel characteristics analysis of IGZO TFTs was shown to be a reliable analysis method.