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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] A 2.4-GHz Low-power Low-IF Receiver Employing a Quadrature Low-noise Amplifier for Bluetooth Low Energy Applications
Authors (Beomyu Park) ; (Kuduck Kwon)
Page pp.415-422
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Bluetooth low energy; common-gate amplifier; image rejection ratio; I/Q mismatch; low-IF receiver; quadrature LNA; quadrature generator
Abstract In this paper, a low-power low-IF receiver employing a quadrature low-noise amplifier (LNA) is proposed for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications. The proposed quadrature LNA, which can provide accurate quadrature signals in the RF path, consists of a common-source amplifier with inductive degeneration and a quadrature generator based on a common-gate amplifier with a single RC network. Therefore, a BLE receiver using the proposed LNA can eliminate quadrature generating circuitry of the LO chain, thereby reducing power consumption. The implemented receiver is composed of the quadrature LNA, single-to-differential double-balanced active mixer, and second-order Gm-C complex filter. Simulated in a 65-nm CMOS process, it achieves a conversion gain, noise figure, and an image rejection ratio of 53.2 dB, 4.81 dB and 38 dB, respectively, and consumes 2.2 mA from a supply voltage of 0.8 V. The die area is 2.24 mm2.