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Title [REGULAR PAPER] A Minimum Energy Tracking Loop with Accurate Energy Sensing and Hierarchical Tracking
Authors (Jong-Woo Kim) ; (Bomin Joo) ; (Jung-Duk Suh) ; (Joo-Seong Kim) ; (Bai-Sun Kong)
Page pp.311-319
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Minimum energy point; subthreshold circuit; ultra-low voltage; ultra-low power
Abstract This paper describes a minimum energy tracking (MET) loop to allow load system to consume the minimum energy with changing workload and temperature. The proposed loop can track the minimum energy point more accurately by adopting an accurate energy sensing and a hierarchical tracking methods, resulting in more energy saving than the conventional approach. The proposed MET hardware has been fabricated in a 130nm CMOS process. The experimental results indicated that the accuracy of the proposed loop was improved up to 95% and 99.4% for light and heavy workload conditions, respectively, resulting in energy saving up to 38.7% as compared to the conventional loop.