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Title [REGULAR PAPER] Performance Investigation of Dual-Halo Dual-Dielectric Triple Material Surrounding Gate MOSFET with High-κ dielectrics for Low Power Applications
Authors (Prashant Kumar) ; (Neeraj Gupta) ; (Nitin Sachdeva) ; (Tarun Sachdeva) ; (Munish Vashishath)
Page pp.297-304
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Channel engineering; gate stack engineering; high-κ materials; short channel effects; MOSFETs
Abstract The rapidly growth in semiconductor industry puts huge demand of scalable devices with low standby power for future VLSI chips. The further mitigation in device dimension becomes a challenging task due to the existence of unavoidable short channel effects. The introduction of gate stack and channel engineering in MOSFET devices open a new window for future generation devices. This paper presents gate stack structure with low-κ dielectric material as silicon oxide and replacement of various high-κ dielectric materials to analyze the device performance. The unification of new oxide material in the device enhances the immunity against SCEs and improves the gate leakage current. Dual-Halo Dual-Dielectric Triple Material Surrounding Gate (DH-DD-TM-SG) MOSFET has shown better performance with high dielectric constant materials. The device exhibits more value of transconductance with high-κ dielectrics.