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Title [LETTER] High-efficiency Low-latency NTT Polynomial Multiplier for Ring-LWE Cryptography
Authors Tuy Nguyen Tan; Tram Thi Bao Nguyen; Hanho Lee
Page pp.220-223
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Cryptography; multiple-path delay feedback; NTT polynomial multiplier; ring-LWE
Abstract This paper presents a novel architecture to perform polynomial multiplication in ring learning with errors (ring-LWE) cryptosystems. By employing number theoretic transform (NTT) of the input polynomials simultaneously, the multiplication latency is significantly reduced. In addition, a multiple-path delay feedback (MDF) architecture is used to speed up the multiplication process. As a result, the proposed NTT multiplier offers a better value of area-latency product compared with that of previous studies. The simulation results for the security parameters n = 512 and q = 12,289 on Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA show that the proposed multiplier uses only about 8.69% of the number of clock cycles required by previous works to completely perform the polynomial multiplication. Furthermore, the obtained area-latency product value of the proposed architecture is less than 45.3% of that of previous works.