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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Reliability Analysis Framework for Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
Authors Kiron Park;Sujin Im;Keonho Park;Kwonjoo Son;SeungEui Hong;Jongwook Jeon
Page pp.19-28
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Reliability; time dependent dielectric breakdown(TDDB); degradation; oxide dielectric; dielectric breakdown
Abstract In this study, we develop a time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) analysis framework. TDDB is an important failure mechanism in transistor devices, which are widely used in electrical equipment, including power applications. In the developed TDDB framework, the percolation path can be predicted according to the thickness of the gate insulator, temperature, and electric-field strength applied to the gate insulating layer by considering three major degradation mechanisms that generate TDDB: anode hole injection, anode hydrogen release, and the thermochemical mechanism. This technique can be used to predict the device lifetime for different stress temperatures, biases, and application times. Thus, the developed framework can be used in industries to derive accelerated-lifetime testing conditions and to analyze the warranty period.