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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Enhancing Light-emission Stability of Metal-halide Perovskites with Size and Composition Engineering
Authors Hoon Ryu
Page pp.12-18
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Metal halide perovskites; realistically sized nanostructures; band gap engineering; halide phase separation; tight-binding simulations
Abstract Band structures of 10nm-scale metal halide perovskites are examined with atomistic tight-binding simulations. Band gap energies achievable via size and structure engineering is presented for MAPb(IBr)3 to deliver practical design guidelines for lighting sources. Our results also reveal the red-shift, which is induced by phase separation in mixed halides and has served as a deep-seated bottleneck in designs of useful light-emitting devices, can be hugely reduced with size and composition engineering.