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Authors Byengleul Lee;Seung Joon Paik;Bonghwan Kim
Page pp.446-453
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Piezoelectric gyroscope; orbital driving; resonance
Abstract We developed an orbital driving method without time-sharing for piezoelectric gyroscopes operating at atmospheric pressure with a square wave signal having a phase difference of π / 2 by utilizing the resonance characteristics of the gyroscopes, and experimentally verified our method. The operation bandwidth of piezoelectric gyroscopes is limited by the time-sharing between the horizontal and vertical resonance modes. The Lissajous waveform changes from elliptical to circular after controlling the phase. The simulation results show that the natural frequency of the gyroscope is in the order of tens of kHz. The angular response rate is 1 deg/s in the x- and y-directions, and the measurement sensitivity is 17.2 μV/(deg/s). All the designed systems are verified through simulations and experiments.