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Authors Jin-Yong Kim; Young-Jin Kim; Joon-Hwan Han; Jung-Ho Shin; Choon Sik Cho
Page pp.426-433
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Mixer ; 25% duty generator ; CMOS ;
Abstract This study proposed a method for eliminating the 25% duty LO generator (25DLG) and minimizing performance degradation due to the elimination. The advantage of the proposed mixer is that it does not require additional current and area to implement a 25DLG. The switching core of proposed mixer is composed of two MOSFETs in series. The in-phase and quadrature-phase LO signals with 50% duty are applied to the gate of each MOSFET. It operates same as conventional mixer using LO signals with 25% duty. The operation range of the proposed mixer is from 500 MHz to 2000 MHz. The Gain and NF (Noise Figure) are 23.6 and 8.9 dB, respectively at 900 MHz. The OIP3 (Output third-order Intercept Point) is 28.6 dBm. The current consumptions of the conventional mixer are 6 mA at TIA from 1.8 V supply and 3.3 mA at a 25DLG and LO buffers from 1.1 V supply. Those of the proposed mixer are only 6 mA at TIA from 1.8 V supply 2.4 mA at LO buffers without 25DLG from 1.1 V supply because it doesn’t need a 25DLG.