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Title Charge-based Quantum Correction Noise Model in Nanoscale MOSFETs
Authors Jonghwan Lee(Jonghwan Lee) ; Daeki Hong(Daeki Hong)
Page pp.50-62
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Quantum-mechanical correction ; 1/f gate leakage current noise ; 1/f drain current noise ; random telegraph noise ; nanoscale MOSFETs
Abstract A charge-based quantum correction model for the gate and drain current noise in nanoscale MOSFETs is presented. The model is analytically formulated by incorporating the quantum mechanical (QM) effects in the inversion layer into the classical noise models. For efficient computation, the quantum mechanical models are calculated for the lowest quantized energy level, which is a reasonable approximation. On the basis of the quantum correction model of the oxide voltage and oxide thickness, the gate leakage tunneling current and 1/f noise model are evaluated for ultrathin gate oxide MOS devices. The quantum models of the drain current and noise are obtained by accounting for the QM effects through the inversion charge density model. For the 1/f drain current noise due to the number fluctuation components, the classical and QM models behave in a quantitatively similar fashion to the random telegraph signal (RTS) noise in both the weak and strong inversion, showing a noticeable deviation in the saturation region. It is also shown that QM effects in the inversion layer are important to the thermal noise modeling and, for the accurate noise modeling of nanoscale MOSFETs, become more pronounced for higher doping concentration and thinner oxide thickness.