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Title A 3-Gb/s Equalizer with an Adaptive Swing Controller for TFT-LCD Interfaces
Authors Miao-Shan Li(Miao-Shan Li) ; Yen-Chen Lin(Yen-Chen Lin) ; Chai-Chi Liu(Chai-Chi Liu) ; Ching-Rong Chang(Ching-Rong Chang) ; Jyun-Yi Li(Jyun-Yi Li) ; You-Sheng Lin(You-Sheng Lin) ; Ching-Yuan Yang(Ching-Yuan Yang)
Page pp.1-7
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Intra-panel interface ; TFT-LCD ; UHD ; adaptive equalizer ; swing controller
Abstract 0.18-μm CMOS 3-Gb/s equalizer with an adaptive swing controller is presented for 4K2K large display panels to compensate a 24-dB channel loss. Employing the output-swing control technique, we propose the adaptive loop for the equalizer to improve adaptation accuracy without degrading the boost tuning and input swing ranges. Besides, cascading two bandpass filters (BPF) measured energy in a narrow range is much more accuracy than conventional highpass filters (HPF). The measured jitter of 3-Gb/s and 1.5-Gb/s data are 0.23-UI and 0.356-UI for 1.23-m FR4 board, respectively. The core area occupies 0.12- mm2 and the power consumption is 27-mW at 3 Gb/s from a 1.8-V supply.