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Title Analysis of Multiple Fin-type Vertical GaN Power Transistors based on Bulk GaN Substrates
Authors (Jun Hyeok Heo) ; (Sang Ho Lee) ; (Jin Park) ; (So Ra Min) ; (Geon Uk Kim) ; (Ga Eon Kang) ; (Jaewon Jang) ; (Jin-Hyuk Bae) ; (Sin-Hyung Lee) ; (In Man Kang)
Page pp.17-25
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Gallium nitride (GaN); vertical device; power device; fin structure
Abstract In this study, the multiple fin-type vertical GaN power transistor based on the GaN-on-GaN were analyzed using the two-dimensional technical computer-aided design (2-D TCAD) simulations. In the field of the electric vehicle systems requiring a high operation voltage of 1,000 V or more, the power devices have a large device area because of the long distance between the gate region and the drain region. This problem can be addressed by using the fin-type vertical GaN power transistor, which can reduce the device area due to its vertical channel. For the high current performance, the multiple fin-type structure was required. Thus, we investigated characteristics depending on the number of fin (Nfin). By comparing the on-state drain currents (Ion), the breakdown voltages (BV), and the on-resistances (Ron) with different Nfin, this study provides an understanding of the electrical properties of the multiple fin-type vertical GaN power transistor affected by Nfin.