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Title Effects of Trapezoidal Fin Shape on Performance of Negative-capacitance FinFETs
Authors (Mengjie Zhao) ; (Weifeng Lu) ; (Ziqiang Xie) ; (Mengxue Guo) ; (Mi Lin)
Page pp.283-290
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Negative-capacitance effect; FinFET; fin shape variation; trapezoidal FinFET
Abstract In this study, a negative-capacitance fin field effect transistor (NC-FinFET) with a varying trapezoidal fin shape is proposed. The effects of varying the width of the top fin on the performance of the trapezoidal NC-FinFET with different ferroelectric layer thicknesses are investigated in detail. Using the technology computer-aided design simulation, it was determined that the trapezoidal NC-FinFET has lower on- and off-state currents and a higher switching current ratio, as well as a higher threshold voltage, than a traditional rectangular NC-FinFET. Thus, the device demonstrates an improved subthreshold swing and drain-induced barrier lowering. Unlike a conventional trapezoidal FinFET, the variations in the parameter performance for an NC-FinFET exhibit non-uniform trends. This study provides a predictive estimation for trapezoidal fin-induced variations in an NC-FinFET at the early design stage.