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Title [REGULAR PAPER] An Automatic Gain Control Circuits for the Microphone Read-out Integrated Circuit
Authors (Saemin Im) ; (Na-Hoo Lee) ; (Kyoungho Baik) ; (Sang-Gyu Park)
Page pp.447-455
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Automatic gain control; AGC; audio ADC; PGA; delta-sigma ADC; audio codec
Abstract For the wide dynamic-range (DR) microphone read-out integrated circuit (M-ROIC), high performance ADC and programmable gain amplifier (PGA) are required which occupies large area and consumes large power. But the performance requirement on the ADC can be eased when we employ an automatic gain control (AGC) technique. In this brief, we present a wide DR M-ROIC employing an AGC. We verify the operation of the proposed AGC circuit by SPICE level simulations.