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Title [SPECIAL ISSUE] Improved Stability of AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction Schottky-diode-type Hydrogen Sensor Using Constant Current Source Operation
Authors (June-Heang Choi) ; (Hyungtak Kim) ; (Ho-Young Cha)
Page pp.430-435
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords AlGaN/GaN heterojunction; Pd catalyst; Schottky-diode-type hydrogen sensor; stability; constant current bias mode
Abstract An AlGaN/GaN heterojunction Schottky-diode-type hydrogen sensor was fabricated with Pd catalyst and exhibited excellent response characteris-tics. The sensor was operated in two different modes: constant voltage and constant current bias modes. Since the diode current has an exponential relationship with its forward voltage, any small fluctuations or drift in the bias voltage results in large variations in the output current. Using a constant current bias mode of operation thus allowed more stable sensing characteristics for the Schottky-diode-type hydrogen sensor.