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Title [REGULAR PAPER] Systematic and Rigorous Extraction Procedure for InP HBT π-type Small-signal Model Parameters
Authors (Jincan Zhang) ; (Leiming Zhang) ; (Min Liu) ; (Liwen Zhang)
Page pp.372-380
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Heterojunction bipolar transistor; small-signal equivalent circuit; peeling algorithm; AC current crowding; distributed base-collector capacitance
Abstract In this paper, a systematic and rigorous extraction procedure for InP heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) π-type small-signal model parameters is proposed. The AC current crowding effect modeled as a parallel RC circuit is included in the small-signal model of InP HBTs. All of the elements parameters are acquired by means of a systematic and rigorous extraction method based on peeling algorithm, and there is no any simplified approximation. The extraction equations are derived from S-parameters by peeling peripheral elements from small-signal models to get reduced ones, so the extraction technique is more easily understood and clearer. The complete π-type model for an emitter-up InP HBT with 1×15 μm2 emitter area is established and validated, which shows that the small-signal equivalent circuit and elements values extraction method have very high accuracy.