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Title [REGULAR PAPER] Distribution Analysis and Multiple-point Tail Fitting Yield Estimation Method for STT-MRAM
Authors (Taehui Na) ; (Seung H. Kang) ; (Seong-Ook Jung)
Page pp.271-280
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Distribution; multiple-point; non-volatile computing system; resistive device; spin-transfer-torque magnetoresistive random access memory (STT-MRAM); tail fitting; yield estimation
Abstract This paper demonstrates that the read output voltage difference between data and reference voltages in spin-transfer-torque magnetoresistive random access memory is not a single Gaussian distribution but composed of two Gaussian distributions. In addition, a multiple-point tail fitting yield estimation method is proposed to estimate read yield with high accuracy. Monte Carlo HSPICE simulation results, based on industry-compatible 45-nm model parameters, show that the proposed multiple-point tail fitting method improves accuracy by 10x, 4.8x, and 1.9x compared with the normal fitting, importance sampling, and two-point tail fitting methods, respectively.