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Title [REGULAR PAPER] An Integrated Low-loss Lumped-element Quadrature Coupler Using a Distributed Model
Authors (Hyunjin Ahn) ; (Ilku Nam) ; (Dong-Ho Lee) ; (Ockgoo Lee)
Page pp.249-254
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Modeling; lumped-element; on-chip; quadrature coupler
Abstract This paper presents a distributed model of a lumped-element quadrature coupler that accounts for the distributed nature of parasitic elements. The required capacitors in the constitution of lumped-element quadrature couplers can be properly considered using the proposed distributed model. An integrated low loss lumped-element quadrature coupler is implemented using the proposed model. The modeled responses are compared with the corresponding measured responses; they exhibit good agreement. The measured insertion loss for both direct and coupled ports is 3.23 dB at 5.5 GHz. The variation in the insertion loss is ± 0.3 dB with a phase imbalance of less than 0.95° across a 760-MHz bandwidth.