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Title [REGULAR PAPER] A Novel Vector-matrix Multiplication (VMM) Architecture based on NAND Memory Array
Authors (Suhyeon Kim) ; (Myung-Hyun Baek) ; (Sungmin Hwang) ; (Taejin Jang) ; (Kyungchul Park) ; (Byung-Gook Park)
Page pp.242-248
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords SNN; analog synapse; analog switch; neuromorphic; synaptic array
Abstract We propose a novel vector-matrix multiplication (VMM) architecture based on NAND synaptic array using a pMOSFET which is an analog switch shape cell for neural network (NN) applications. A NAND FLASH memory string is consisting of a NAND cell and a pMOSFET not to open string. A NAND cell’s resistance can be modulated by threshold voltage (Vth) depending on the amount of trapped charge when an input signal applies. If there is no input spike, a NAND cell is turned off and a pMOSFET acts as a pass gate so that only a constant voltage drop exists. Based on this NAND cell and a pMOSFET pair series, we confirm VMM operation. And inference method 1 layer fully-connected network (FCN) is implemented by circuit simulation to test 8x8 MNIST. The result of 84% recognition accuracy compared to software artificial neural networks (ANN) 86% accuracy.