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Title [REGULAR PAPER] High Breakdown Voltage and Low On-resistance 4H-SiC UMOSFET with a Source-trench Oxide Structure
Authors (Tae-hong Kim) ; (Kwang-soo Kim)
Page pp.225-230
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords 4H-SiC; electric field crowding; critical electric field; breakdown voltage; on-resistance
Abstract In this paper, a trench metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (UMOSFET) with source-trench oxide is proposed. The proposed device has a higher breakdown voltage of 274 V compared to the conventional structure. In addition, the electric field is dispersed by the source-trench, and thus, the electric field applied to the gate oxide of the device is reduced to 0.7 MV/cm. This reduction improves the reliability of the device. The on-resistance was found to be reduced by 47% when a device with the same breakdown voltage was designed.