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Title Highly-sensitive Hydrostatic Semiconductor Pressure Sensors
Authors 조천형(Chun-Hyung Cho) ; 차호영(Ho-Young Cha) ; 성혁기(Hyuk-Kee Sung)
Page pp.158-164
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords Semiconductor pressure-sensor ; hydrostatic pressure ; pressure-sensitivity
Abstract For the hydrostatic pressure calculation, we developed a semiconductor pressure sensor and analyzed the hydrostatic pressure sensitivities of silicon. In previous works, it exhibited a very low sensitivity. However, in this work, the sensitivity was improved drastically by combining p- type (in the nsubstrate) and n-type (in the p-well) resistor sensors with measuring the mid-point voltage of the combined sensor pair. Also, we could increase the sensitivity of hydrostatic pressure by controlling the voltage applied to the combined sensor pair. As an example, for the applied voltage of 20 V to the pair (compared to the previous works), the sensitivity was increased by up to 130 %.