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Title Analysis of Random Telegraph Noise Characteristics with Two Different Cell States in 3-D NAND Flash Memory
Authors 최나경(Nagyong Choi) ; 강호정(Ho-Jung Kang) ; 이종호(Jong-Ho Lee)
Page pp.153-157
ISSN 1598-1657
Keywords 3-D NAND flash memory ; RTN ; current fluctuation ; 1/f noise ; noise power spectral density
Abstract The random telegraph noise (RTN) properties in two different cell states in 3-D NAND flash memory with a tube-type poly-Si body are analyzed. We analyze the fluctuation in bit-line current (ΔIBL) with increasing IBL and the low frequency noise characteristics in the erase (ERS) and the program (PGM) cell states. It is found that the IBL fluctuation by the RTN is more influenced in the ERS state than that in the PGM state at low IBL condition. Simulated electron concentration in channel at low IBL of the cell in PGM state shows that electrons are distributed below the interface between tunneling oxide and poly-Si body due to the repulsive force between electrons in channel and the nitride storage layer. Since the channel of the cell in the PGM state is located relatively distant from the trap causing the RTN, noise power spectral density in low IBL of the PGM state is smaller than that of the ERS state.